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My Blissful Moment

My Blissful Moment

                        Hello!Welcome back to my blog guys!
                   And now I want to tell you about my blissful moment

     One day at school, I studied at 07.00 o'clock. I kept my phone in my pocket. and I turned off my phone because I'm going to study. I studied until 15.00 o'clock. After that, I met with my friend to discuss a Qurban event.  The event held on 1 September 2017. And all the committee of Qurban event must be met with a member of the division After finish the discussion, We are allowed to go to our home. When I want to go home, I brought my phone in the pocket. And I try to turn on. But, my phone is low bat. And I don't know the public transportation to my home. I just moved to Bandung. 

    And I felt worried. What should I do, I can't order Uber. Seriously I felt so worried, Oh God help me. I forgot to charge my phone before I going to school. And I felt so stupid. Suddenly, my friend Abyan called me. He is asked me, wh…
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Hello!Welcome back to my blog guys. Thank you for coming to my blog and reading my short story about me.
    And now I will tell you about my past experience meeting with my friend Sano. Sano is a student at SMAN 3 Bandung. The full name of Sano is Yanuar Sano Nur Rasyid. You can see the blog of Sano at He is a smart. He like study program language like Python and C++. 
Do you want to know about my first meeting with Sano? If you want to know you don't go anywhere and keep reading my story about the first meeting.
    On Monday, the first day to study at SMAN 3 Bandung, it's the first time I met with Sano in the classroom. I entered  the classroom and  I sit at the backmost chair in the class. And in front of me is Sano. And from here, we are started to conversation  Me      : " Hallo! I am Fahmi Ibrahim. May I know your name please?" Sano   : " Hi! Sure. My name is Yanuar Sano. You can call me Sano. How do I ca…



Hello!How is your day? I hope your day is very good. Oh yeah, welcome to my fisrt blog! Happy reading all!
    The first, let me introduce my self. My name is Fahmi Ibrahim but my friends call me Cio. I don't know the meaning of Cio  but i like that. I was born in Jakarta on 24th July 2002. I'm 15 years old. I live in Bandung with my cousin. I live in Bandung with my cousin because my little family live in Cianjur. I'm studying at the 10th grade in SMAN 3 Bandung. And I'm so proud to my self. But this is just beginning of my journey.
Oh yeah, I want to tell more about myself. I have a favorite food and a favorite drink. My favorite food is Rendang. Yeah, do you know Rendang?I hope you know Rendang, because Rendang is very delicious, very yummy, makes you won't stop eating. And my favorite drink is mineral water. Honestly, I don't know my favorite drink but I think mineral water is the best. 

My cousin live on Griya Raya 1. Not too far from…