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Cita has won the first winner of the story telling competition in her school. Her best friend congratulated her.

Ditto : "Cita, congratulations for being the fisrt winner of the school strory telling competition!                        Excellent you really did it well."
Cita : "Thanks, Dito."
Ditto : "I heard that you will be the representative of our school in the strory telling competition of                  our regency. Is it true?"
Cita : "Yes, you're right."
Ditto : "I hope you will win as well in the next competition."
Cita : "I hope so. But I'm nervous."
Ditto : "Don't worry, you're a very good story teller. Good luck."
Cita : " Thanks. I'll do my best. Wish me luck."


Cita has won the first winner of the story competition in her school. Her best friend Ditto said congratulated Cita for being the first winner of the school story telling competition. Cita…
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All About Narrative

Friends Forever 

Let us enjoy reading this one of African Stories of Friends Forever

A mouse and a frog were friends. Every morning the frog would hop out of his pond and go to visit his friend who lived in a hole in the side of a tree. He would return home at noon. 

The mouse delighted in his friend’s company unaware that the friend was slowly turning into an enemy. The reason? The frog felt slighted because though he visited the mouse everyday, the mouse on his part, had never made an attempt to visit him. 

One day he felt he had been humiliated enough. When it was time for him to take leave of the mouse, he tied one end of a string around his own leg, tied the other end to the mouse’s tail, and hopped away, dragging the hapless mouse behind him. 

The frog dived deep into the pond. The mouse tried to free himself but couldn’t, and soon drowned. His bloated body floated to the top. 

A hawk saw the mouse floating on the pond’s surface. He swooped down, and grabbing the mouse in his talons…


HELLO!Welcome back to my blog guys!
And now I want to explain about animal. And The animal is Llama. And let's see about Llama guys!

Scientific Classification

Kingdom :   Animalia
Phylum  :   Chordata
Class   :   Mammalia
Order   :   Artiodactyla
Family  :   Camelidae
Genus   :   Lama
Species :   L. glama

And now I want to tell you about life cycle of Llama.
Llama Pregnancy     Llamas are pregnant for 12-18 months. The size of the cria and the placenta does not increase very much until the last trimester. 
Llama Growth
    Llamas are growing from the time they are born until about 3 years of age. Llamas growth rate does slow down after about 2 years of age causing their requirements to approach maintenance, however, there is still some growth occurring. Growing animals are building lots of muscle, bone and skin and can be putting on up to 1 lb a day.

    Young Llamas are also more active than the adults. This causes an increase in the total dietary requirements for protein, energy, calcium and p…


HELLO! Guys welcome back to my blog. Okay, now I want to tell you about SMAN 3 Bandung Culture Festival. So let's read the story!

Gathapraya is the name of the SMAN 3 Bandung Culture Festival, and the meaning of Gathapraya is the future. I don't know why the committe gave that name, but I think that name for hope, about culture in Indonesia. Maybe to expect to Indonesian culture in the future.
Gathapraya held on Saturday, September 30th 2017 at Lapangan Bali.  Gathapraya show the culture in Indonesia. Like a Angklung,traditional dance, yeah just like it. Gathapraya started from 09.00 a.m. And at 09.00 a.m. 
OH NO GUYS I must close this program now, but don't worry I will continue this story.
See you gusy!


L  D  K  S

Helloguys! Welcome back to read the next story in my blog. Now I want to tell you about my experience. Let's check it out!

I want to tell you about my school activity. The activity is L D K S. Yes LDKS. LDKS stands for Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Siswa. The activity compulsory for all 10th graders. This activity This activity was carried out in Pussenif TNI AD. Yes this activity with TNI. And if there is no participant must repeat next year. So this activity very important. 
When? This activity was held on Thursday until Saturday, on September 21-23. All students must coming in the Pussenif at 06.30 o'clock. Oh yes, the students must bring any equipment. and it was very heavy. 
Before we are started the activity we must ceremony first. The ceremony is long time. My body like a statue. And very hot. But I so excited, so I do not feel weak. And after ceremony we go into the hall. And we are sit int there. There was given material about Indonesia. And do you know what? It…

What will I Do next holiday

Hello guys!How are you?  now I want to tell you  about my hooliday plans.
If you want to know,  read my story until finish.

At Tokyo University
After school I met Fauzan at canteen. We were talking about our holiday plan.

Fauzan : "Hi!Fahmi how are you today?"
Fahmi :  "I'm fine! Thanks."
Fauzan : " By the way next Desember we are going to take a winter holiday. What will you do next holiday?"
Fahmi : "In the next holiday I'm going to meet my parents in Cianjur."
Fauzan : "Wow! What a nice plan."
Fahmi : "How about you, Fauzan?"
Fauzan : "In the next holiday I will meet my brother in South Korea."
Fahmi : "Whit whom will you do it?"
Fauzan : "I will do it with my parents. They will fetch me and we are going to meet my brother. How about you?"
Fahmi : "I will do it by myself, because my family lived in Cianjur."
Fauzan : "Why do you plan it?"
Fahmi : "I plan it bec…